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A Ministry of Poor Bishop Hooper

EveryPsalm is a collection of psalm-based songs. We started at Psalm 1, and by the grace of God, released one song every week for nearly three years, until all 150 psalms were sung again.

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``I will sing of steadfast love and justice; to you, O Lord, I will make music."

Psalm 101:1

```...everything must be fulfilled that is written about me in the Law of Moses, the Prophets and the Psalms.'"

Luke 24:44


``Your work has been super healing for me! EveryPsalm has made the scriptures come alive, and will undoubtedly help me store it in my heart."

Heidi H.


``What a blessing. These are amazing; the musical skill and the time you put in is evident — and so is God’s anointing on this project and your ministry. Thank you for following what God has laid on your heart."

Ben B.


``The songs are doing in my heart what, I think, your vision is for them. The melodies are sinking in and causing me to remember vital truths from the psalms and I find the Spirit causing them to bubble up in my heart when He needs me to hear them."

Brady E.


``Thank you for this project. It’s been such a blessing to me personally and to my community here in Shanghai… My husband and I lead music at a small church here and recently led Psalm 1 - people were really touched\moved by it."

Karolina T.


``This is such an awesome project! Been loving listening to them when our baby doesn’t sleep... not sure what I would do without them..."

William K.


``I’m not a pastor but I preach in my little fellowship sometimes. This morning I preached on Psalm 6. I stumbled across your song. It encouraged me very powerfully and drove me to a type of weeping I can hardly remember. It helped my preaching greatly."

Cathal C.


``Thank you for your simple gifts. They’re imparting deep resonance in our souls, harmonizing with what is glorious and noble about God and ourselves."

Joe S.


``This project has blessed me and touched me tremendously. I can really feel you guys know the Lord. It is evident in your lyrics and the way you write. I'm gaining new insights into these psalms as I listen to your songs again and again."

Lorenz G.


``You couldn't have known when you started this project that so many of your creations would be delivered during a pandemic and quarantine. As it is, I think your music is playing a significant part in keeping people alive."

Erika H.


``I just want to say thanks and to encourage you! I do appreciate your hard work in making it available for free. Praise God!"

Alecio S.


``Yesterday I listened to my EveryPsalm collection for three hours straight. Over and over. I do this regularly and it has really ministered to me during this difficult time of lockdown and upheaval. Thank you for making such beautiful music."

Mara K.


``I think your unreserved love for God’s word is rare, and I am thankful to be on the receiving end of it."

James B.


``Your music has helped me love the God of the psalms… tears of fullness, of joy, and of deep satisfaction… By God’s Grace, It has refreshed my soul many, many times."

Matthew T.


``Your lovingly produced songs on the psalms have blessed me to no end. Particularly through lockdown and will continue to do so as we anticipate a second lockdown."

Judith W.


``I just wanted to say that this week’s song is exactly what I needed. The melody, the lyrics, the music… it communicates the truth of that psalm so richly. Thank you for doing this project, and for this week’s song especially. The Lord used you to encourage me today!"

Sarah K.


``Your EveryPsalm project has been such a blessing to me this year. I'm not sure how I stumbled upon your music, but I am so grateful that you've been obedient to this endeavor. What a year to be so deep in the psalms."

Carla O.


``Moved is an understatement. Leah's voice has been a healing balm of the Lord's lovingkindness and tenderness. Thankful for you two and for this project!"

Alex G.


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